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NEWS - UPDATE: This year’s Hooker lecture will be given by Nicholas Orme and is entitled “A Thousand Years of the English Parish Church”. It will be at Exeter Cathedral on Wednesday 9th November 7:30pm and at Marjon chapel on Thursday 10th November at 7:30pm. Free and all welcome. More details here

NEWS - We congratulate warmly all those who were deaconed at Exeter Cathedral on Sunday 11th September including our students: Bev Cree, Jane Hayes, Penny Lawson, Cathy Scoffield and Sue Tucker. Our prayers are with them and also with those being priested.

NEWS - We were delighted to welcome 28 new students to our lay vocation course, Foundations in Christian Ministry, and we look forward to accompanying them on their journey in the coming year.

NEWS - We congratulate Dr Cherryl Hunt on successfully completing her PhD in theology.

NEWS - On 26th June David Nixon celebrated his silver jubilee of ordination and ministry with a Eucharist at St James church Exeter, attended by family, friends and colleagues.

NEWS - Our programmes have recently been independently reviewed by Revd Dr Helen Burn, Ministry-Division-appointed Quality Advisor to the Course for the diocesan bishops. Her report was very favourable and referred to: “…a highly qualified and committed staff team, a wide network of associate staff and tutors with whom relationships have been built up over many years and who constitute a dynamic group of reflective practitioners….”

She said that “Students spoke consistently highly of the quality of the teaching of the staff team, value greatly the mutual support and learning they experience, feel that the course is a stimulating and hospitable place for a wide range of spiritual traditions, and value being able to travel with those of very different views”.

NEWS - It is important to ring the office (01392 272544) before visiting the SWMTC library to check that you can get access. The SWMTC library is usually accessible during office hours or from 6pm on evenings when there is an evening class, but not always

NEWS - Our office and library are now at: Suite 1.3, Renslade House, Bonhay Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3AY. Our main phone number is 01392 272544. Exeter evening classes are held at Renslade House.

SWMTC: Contact: Administrator Laura McLachlan on 01392 272544
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