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NEWS - All are invited to the Hooker lecture ‘I believe in the resurrection of the body’, given by Dr Paula Gooder. The lecture will be at Marjon chapel on Wednesday 11th November at 7:30pm and Exeter cathedral on Thursday 12th November at 7:30pm. Dr Paula Gooder is theologian in residence for the Bible Society and an internationally renowned New Testament Theologian.

NEWS - We congratulate the following who were ordained deacon in Exeter Cathedral on Sept 13: Carl Budden, Ruth Frampton, Pamela Wheeler, Christopher Durrant, Jane Frost, Peter Ingerslev, Morwenna Ludlow, Clive Jobbins, Bryant Sanders, and Caroline Raby. Our prayers are with them and with those being priested this Michaelmastide.

NEWS - We congratulate Gary Eve and Heather West on their ordination as deacons in Truro Cathedral on July 3. We also share in the delight of those made priest in Truro on July 4. And we celebrate the priesting of our Director of Lay Education, Dr Tim Gibson, at Wells.

NEWS - We congratulate the Revd Dr Tim Gibson on the honour of being asked to preach in Westminster Abbey this June.

NEWS - The Common Awards partnership between Durham University and the Church of England has made ten 'seedcorn' grants to promote theological education. SWMTC is much honoured to have received two of them - on the teaching of science/religion issues and ecotheology (Dr Southgate), and the exploration of how issues of sexuality are taught in the sector (Dr Nixon).

NEWS - We thank the St Luke's College Foundation for their support of the partnership between SWMTC, Exeter University, and Exeter Cathedral, which led to the public lecture by Dr Sam Wells in the Cathedral in June. We look forward to the Hooker Lectures of Dr Paula Gooder in Novermber.

NEWS - It is important to ring the office (01392 272544) before visiting the SWMTC library to check that you can get access. The SWMTC library is usually accessible during office hours or from 6pm on evenings when there is an evening class, but not always

NEWS - Our office and library are now at: Suite 1.3, Renslade House, Bonhay Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3AY. Our main phone number is 01392 272544. Exeter evening classes are held at Renslade House.

SWMTC: Contact: Administrator Laura McLachlan on 01392 272544
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