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This is a summary. The full document Anglican Identities in SWMTC's Reader Training Pathway can be found by clicking here

Anglican Identities in SWMTC’s Reader Training Pathway:

A fragment of the fragment

Executive Summary

(This is a summary. The full document Life together: reflections on SWMTC’s corporate life may be found on our Virtual Learning platform for staff and students.)

  • The South West Ministry Training Course (SWMTC) trains candidates for Reader ministry within the Diocese of Exeter in the Church of England. As such, our principal task is to educate and form public ministers within a specifically Anglican context.

  • This involves a concerted effort to embed our students within the particular practices, structures and frameworks that are constitutive of that tradition. But more importantly, it involves setting up conditions in which students can develop the habitual modes of being, thinking and praying that are distinctively Anglican.

  • We seek to communicate something of the ‘fragment’ that is Anglicanism to our students. They cannot but be located within this particular – Church of England – context, for there is no view from nowhere. But one of the distinctive features of Anglicanism is that it always sees itself as gesturing away from its own context, even while it is innately rooted in a particular place, at a particular time, among a particular people.

  • We see Rowan Williams’s ‘Making Moral Decisions’ [in Gill, Robin (ed.), 2001, The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics Cambridge: CUP. 3 – 15] as an archetypal expression of Anglican theology. It is a model we both commend and seek to follow.

  • All of our corporate worship is within the Anglican tradition. This is broadly construed, to allow for the diversity of traditions in our student body, and that itself speaks of the distinctively Anglican capacity to hold unity and diversity together even in (or perhaps particularly in) our worshipping practices.

  • While all of our teaching is representative of the ‘incompleteness’ and openness to internal and external dialogue that is a hallmark of ‘Anglican theology’, we also offer sessions across all three year groups that are designed to underscore students’ grasp of what it is to be an Anglican.

  • These include:
    • Year one: What is Reader ministry? (RDM 1), Introduction to the C of E (RDM 3), An introduction to theology and ministry (RDM 3), Anglican Identities (RDM 5), and Formation and License (RDM 6)
    • Year two: C of E contemporary issues 1 and 2 (RDM 1), Worship and Liturgy 1 – 6 (RDM 1 – 4), The Licensing Service (RDM 6), Canons, Assent, Licence (RDM 6)
    • Year three: Introduction to Eucharistic theology (RDM 4), Working with other faiths 1 and 2 (RDM 4), Reader in a changing church (RDM 6)

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