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This is a summary. The full document Life together: reflections on SWMTC's corporate life may be found by clicking here

Life together: reflections on SWMTC’s corporate life

(This is a summary. The full document Life together: reflections on SWMTC’s corporate life may be found on our Virtual Learning platform for staff and students.)

  • We celebrate our unity in Christ through our diversity, drawing students and staff from all traditions within the Church. Our corporate life is rooted in prayer and worship, providing a place where all are continually formed as disciples of God, called to particular vocations in his kingdom.

  • We aim to build a community that is mutually respectful while unafraid of difference, cultivating practices of hospitality, intellectual, practical and spiritual.

  • We offer a profound experience of community through the rhythm of shared learning and worship in the midst of the challenges of the relationships and responsibilities of the everyday lives of the students.

  • From the induction day onwards the students participate in worship, exercises and group-work activities designed to help them understand and appreciate each other’s callings and giftings and the importance of the SWMTC community in holding and caring for each individual within it. The corporate silence held at each residential is often singled out in student learning journals as a powerful act of worship which reinforces their sense of community.

  • Students work together to craft the community’s worship, including collaboration between Readers-in-training and ordinands during the annual joint weekend. The resulting rich diversity of worship builds an environment in which relationships are characterised by openness to the other, and a deep mutuality, focussed on the corporate working-out of what it is that God calls us to be, as a community and as individuals.

  • The ordinands also meet together in tutor groups, each of which, as part of their study of spirituality, work out their own “rule of life” involving the individuals within the group praying for each other and committing themselves to support each other.

  • Students have a say in how the community organises itself through the Staff Student Liaison Committee which meets three times a year.

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