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The Role of the Home Minister (Readers in Training)

Home Ministers play a crucial role in the training of Readers. You are a trusted companion during their formation and training. You’ve probably walked alongside them while they’ve discerned their call, and are now ready to help them take the next steps towards public ministry in the Church.

We’re grateful for your commitment, and want to support you in providing the appropriate encouragement, opportunities and feedback to help our students grow in Christ’s image.

They look to you as an example in ministry, and will ask your permission to develop their skills and experience across every area of their training. By being present to them as a critical friend, you will help them become all that God asks them to become, and, ultimately, to flourish in their vocation.

Oversight of the formation process in the local context
At the heart of SWMTC’s training of Readers is local context-based learning, usually in a student’s home parish. That puts responsibility on their Home Ministers to offer regular guidance and mentoring. They look to you for a model of ministry that is sustainable and life-giving. They, and we, ask that you support them as they find out who they are called to be in a given place, at a given time.

All Home Minsters are invited to an induction day at the start of the academic year, and a follow-up day in January. In addition, we keep in close contact with Home Ministers in order to help track student progress and identify any problems arising in their training.

Given the geographical spread of our provision, we cannot provide comprehensive pastoral care for students or their families. As a staff team, we pray for all of our students on a weekly cycle, bringing them before God and asking for his care and nurture of them. But we ask that Home Ministers take particular responsibility to look after students pastorally, liaising with us and the Diocesan Warden of Readers where necessary.

Expectations during training
As a general rule, we hope Readers in Training will be given a good mix of opportunities to help form them for their future ministry. But we also advise that they stand back from some of their responsibilities in church – as churchwardens or PCC members, for instance – in order to create space for the rigours of academic work and training.

We hope that Home Ministers will support us in helping students marshal their time, so that they can pay sufficiently close attention to their formation as Readers.

Training opportunities
Each year brings particular expectations on a student as part of the training programme. They will be asked to preach at least one sermon in church, inviting feedback from other lay and ordained ministers as well as congregation members. They will be asked to produce liturgies and lead services, to undertake pastoral duties and to facilitate adult learning opportunities.

We rely on students to inform Home Ministers of the training opportunities they require in any given year. But if you have any questions, please contact the Director of Reader Training.

Documents for the Home Minister

Long Placement minister’s feedback - docx

Core Skills for Liturgy (Anglican) - pdf 72k

Preaching Feedback form for Minister - doc 40k

Leading Worship Feedback form for Ministers - doc 86k

Protocol for leading a course in the local church - pdf 100k

Preaching feedback form congregation - doc

Leading worship feedback form congregation - doc

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