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SWMTC holds a lending library of approximately 9,000 theological books, and works in collaboration with the Bishop Phillpotts library in Truro. Membership of the Library is open to current students free of charge and any other person on payment of the subscription.

The SWMTC library is usually accessible during office hours or from 6pm on evenings when there is an evening class. However, sometimes meetings are held in the library or the office is unmanned, so do ring the office beforehand to check. 01392 272544.

The subscription to the SWMTC Library for 2017-18 is £20 per year.

A subscription of £20 per year gives you:
borrowing rights in the SWMTC library
Members can have books posted to them by emailing . However, if postal charges exceed £10 in an academic year, a charge may be made for this service.

At the click of a mouse button, you can find out what books are available in the region, by browsing and searching the combined catalogue of both the libraries. When you have found the books you want, the catalogue will tell you which library holds the book and whether it is available.

LIBRARIAN - The SWMTC library is supervised by Sarah Molyneax Hetherington.

Bishop Philpotts Library in Truro
From 24th April to 31st May 2018 the Philpotts library will be closed while it is being moved to the Old Cathedral School.

The library is open on a self-service basis, Monday – Friday 9.15-4 pm, providing the room is free to use. You are advised to ring the Cathedral Office Reception on 01872 276782 to check before you visit. The librarian, Stewart, will be there on Tuesdays 10am to 4pm. Members are able to borrow up to eight items for eight weeks. There are two computers in the library and internet access is available.

Ministry Training

Library Contact Telephone Email
Bishop Phillpotts Library, Truro Stewart Phillips
SWMTC, Riverside Church and Conference Centre, 13-14 Okehampton Street. St. Thomas. Exeter. EX4 1DU Belinda Speed-Andrews or Sarah Molyneax Hetherington

Application to join the library - click here doc 24k

SWMTC: Contact: Administrator Belinda Speed-Andrews on 01392 272544
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