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Ministry Training

From September 2016, SWMTC we offer a new one-year formational programme, Foundations in Christian Ministry, for lay Christian disciples throughout the Diocese of Exeter who seek to explore their vocation in community with others. Click here for more details.

Each of us is called to a deeper participation in God’s life, so that we may walk with Christ in our journey to creaturely flourishing.

All that God asks of us in this process is that we dwell with him, seeking to discern his ways in the world and his call upon us. He invites us to be his companions, and to live in friendship with each another.

At SWMTC, our approach to lay education is born out of a desire to set up the conditions in which Christian people in the South West may flourish, by establishing communities of discipleship and learning.

We offer a suite of training materials, including the popular Exploring Christianity course developed in partnership with the Diocese of Bath and Wells and Trinity College, Bristol, and Pilgrim. We also help facilitate the establishment of new groups, and provide guidance on the variety of courses and opportunities available.

In each case, our hope is to inspire conversation that is centred on God, as he is known to us through creative fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We believe that all Christian education grows out of worship, and have a particular responsibility to encourage churches throughout the Diocese of Exeter to establish vibrant opportunities for people to grow in faith.

If you would like to find out more about lay education in the South West region, or invite a speaker from SWMTC to talk at your event, please contact the Director of Lay Education.

SWMTC: Contact: Administrator Laura McLachlan on 01392 272544
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